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PROJECT: I was the lead designer on the official Punchbowl logo! The logo was inspired by a small sketch from a VIP at KS. Many golfers like to add a personal meaning to the logo. For example, it could make some think of the infinity symbol, or the PB could look like a putter-head reflected. No matter what the logo means to you or your golf buddies, taking home a keepsake from one of the most fun places in the world for golfers will spark fond memories. AUDIENCE: Golfers at BDGR. MISSON: Inspire amateur and retail golfers who are looking for a keepsake from their experience at The Punchbowl! What an incredible experience, both on and off the putting green! The Punchbowl is like putt-putt on true links greens but twice the size and undulation. Putts you’ve never dreamed of. Fun for all ages. Free for guests or travelers coming down the 101! 10357733_840039712676926_2367257225898958732_o (1) Punchbowl_Panorama1