Photo by Alex Matzke
Thanks for checking out my website. Take a peek at some of my past projects. Read about me below. Or click through my gallery.
Growing up a Nebraska native, and the son of a Media Specialist in the elementary school system, I was rarely not around some sort of technology. From creating logos and drawing cartoons of my teachers in jr. high, making movies in high school, studying eDesign at Nebraska Wesleyan, to doing digital design and illustration projects in my free time, I’m rarely not getting into some sort of digital conundrum. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Lynden since 2012. We recently had our son Julian (we call him Jules) in the summer of 2016. My hobbies are exploring Oregon, creating music, drawing terribly and golfing. Check out my project journal, it contains all my favorite work: https://timothyscahill.com/projects I have been fascinated with computers, art and movies my entire life. I’m a wanna-be futurist of sorts. My favorite creative endeavors have a strong balance of utility and beauty. Growing up as the son of a media specialist helped me to find my way around a computer at an early age. I made my very first logo in 7th grade, taught myself basic HTML as a high-school sophomore. designed pamphlets and booklets for final presentations and more. When it came time for government class’ mock-elections, I directed and edited 5 of the 6 campaign videos for my whole class. I then took that creative yearning to Nebraska Wesleyan University where I earned a B.F.A. in eDesign, I was lead producer at the campus technology group, made small cartoons and FLASH animations for campus events, combined music and technology classes, and freelanced web and print design for local companies and bands. I did these things always striving for a balance of utility and form. Now, after over 12 years of social, print/digital design, video, photo and marketing experience, I haven’t stopped seeking to combine utility with composition in order to achieve something beautiful and useful.
I currently work at an amazing place called Bandon Dunes Golf Resort where I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist.
I am a ridiculous cat person, and now… a dog person.
I’ve been lucky enough to play in some amazing Lincoln, Nebraska bands. Here’s a ‘lil music history for you, via trax.timothyscahill.com. I have been a part of some righteous song writing collaborations, such as Rent Money Big, Knots, The Power (ne), Irkutsk, and more. I’m currently writing music and posting to SoundCloud in my spare time!