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OreganoProj_117B7678_export OreganoProj_117B7679_export PROJECT: I grew too much oregano! So I dried it, branded it, jarred it and then passed out to friends and family. AUDIENCE: Friends, family, and every once-in-a-while, when a leaf falls on the ground, the dog tries to eat it. 🙂 MISSION: My main goal is to show how much fun it can be to grow organic right in your back yard! Perhaps a ‘strawberries by tim’ post coming later this year? OreganoProj_117B7673_export Here is the oregano right before the drying process:IMG_6068
  Here are some designs that didn’t make the cut: NOlogo1 NOlogo2 NOlogo3 NOlogo4 OreganoProj_117B7676_export